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Put Your Arrays in a Bind

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Executive Summary

The arrangement of Oracle database and Oracle data provider for .NET (ODP .NET) can offer various methods to achieve the same task that provides users with flexibility to create choices according to the environment and needs. Array binding discussed in this paper is used to lessen network round-trips and also assist in increasing performance. Multiple rows of data can be inserted into the table that is designed to improve application performance, database performance, and use of network resource. Array binding sends data in batches of row that reduces the amount of round-trips. The array binding feature is available with all supported versions of ODP .NET, Oracle Database, and Microsoft Visual Studio. All steps required for easy use of array binding with examples are mentioned in this paper. This technique supports XML Type, LOB, and TimeStamp arrays. It can be created in the host language using .NET types that contains the value that can be used in the SQL code. The parameters are examples of OracleParameter class that can set the OracleDbType property to the suitable value and can also assign the .NET arrays to generate the parameter object's value property. The array binding can be used in the application after the creation of arrays and its attachment to parameter objects. This method is used to avoid the application send a single row of data to the database at a time.

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