Data Management

Putting Open Source to the Test: The Making of Jboss Enterprise Middleware

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Executive Summary

Efficient data management is a prerequisite for efficiency of an organization. This paper discusses the challenges and possible solutions to effective database management. This is the age of information and managing one's data is the most important thing that needs to be done well. Companies that can better organize data have a much better chance of generating information that drives success. There are a number of business benefits but the challenges to efficient data management are really significant because people today have come to expect unreasonable data availability. Achieving such sophisticated levels of data availability requires solutions to a number of issues. This paper describes global data synchronization through a detailed analysis of the issues faced by today's organizations. There is a growing need for global data synchronization so that data is accessible anytime, anywhere. Companies are spending huge amounts to make this possible. The major problem with data management faced at a global level is that the speed needs to be high, the volumes are huge, and there needs to be a standard database that is used. The various databases offered by Goldengate are mentioned in this paper followed by some case studies and industry quotes. Goldengate is the leader in global data synchronization and enables moving and capturing of data in the fastest and best way possible.

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