Quantum/Relativistic Computation of Security and Efficiency of Electrical Power System for a Day-Ahead

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An algorithm for Electrical Power System (EPS) quantum/relativistic security and efficiency computation via perturbative renormalization of the EPS, finding the computation flowcharts, verification and validation is built in this paper. EPS renormalization is performed via virtual thermalization. EPS energy renormalization provides EPS critical load and outlines the EPS fractal landscape. EPS time renormalization gives the critical exchanges in EPS and shows the electricity minimal leveled cost and the market price of the electricity. The computation flowchart is obtained through market homogenization, virtual market shocks, Random Matrix Theory communication at the market and electricity flow in EPS. This flowchart causes entropy stochastic resonance in EPS and performs EPS connection percolations. Computation verification is achieved via checking the EPS separability and checking EPS grid.