Queuing Dynamics and Single-Link Stability of Delay-Based Window Congestion Control

Date Added: Oct 2009
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Accurate modeling of queuing dynamics is important in the design and analysis of Internet congestion control. However, as demonstrated in this paper, existing window-based queuing models are often not capable of precisely capturing the transient behavior (i.e., self-clocking and burstiness) of TCP-like protocols and their resulting analysis may be inaccurate in practice. As one example, the authors show that stability conditions of FAST TCP based on traditional queuing models that do not considering transient dynamics of the queues are inconsistent with ns2 simulations. The authors explain the origin of this problem and overcome it by developing a novel approach called Self-clocking Queuing Model (SQM) that accurately describes both the steady-state and transient queuing behavior of window-based control systems.