Rally to Java (J2EE) Thin Client Migration

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Executive Summary

Many new business intelligence programs get off to a rocky start because there is no plan or business case in place at the start. Failing to create a sound plan for a data warehouse environment usually translates into failure. Secondly, a major factor in ensuring a successful inaugural BI environment would be to develop a sound and well-documented architecture. Thirdly, data warehouses grow faster than anyone anticipates, so one must take that also into account. Also, choose the right tools for the right jobs. In order to get funding for another next BI project, one must be able to demonstrate a tangible - that is, financially measurable return on investment. An assessment by an outsider may also be politically more acceptable or perhaps less biased than an internal review. These assessments often lead to a set of recommendations that can revitalize an environment. By having documented intelligence about specific utilization and performance metrics, IT personnel can improve their overall productivity by pinpointing performance problems. IT-BI can also identify trends and patterns in performance issues, allowing the IT staff to be proactive about potential performance problems. IT implementers must continue to expand the amount of data available for analysis by bringing in new sources of data such as external data, new operational sources, and increasingly, mobile data.

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