Range-Free Sensor Localization With Ring Overlapping Based on Comparison of Received Signal Strength Indicator

Sensor localization has become an essential requirement for many applications over wireless sensor networks. Radio irregularity and stringent constraints on hardware cost and battery power, however, make localization very challenging. Range-based localization depends on special-purpose hardware for direct measurement of the distance to reference points. Range-free localization, in contrast, does not depend on absolute point-to-point distance measurement and thus does not require extra hardware. The authors present a range-free localization method using Ring-Overlapping based on Comparison of Received Signal Strength Indicator (ROCRSSI). They test its performance with a small network of MICA2 Motes and with simulation for large-scale networks.

Provided by: University of Victoria Topic: Mobility Date Added: Jan 2011 Format: PDF

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