Real-Time Data Analysis With Altiris IT Analytics and a Workflow Connector Component

Symantec Altiris IT Analytics makes real time workflow evaluation of data a reality. This document entails a total description of IT Analytic component, how to configure and use it to suit workflow applications and make it go smoothly. With this application, it is possible to create, manage, test, change and automate processes that are crucial to your business. It can be used by any business enterprise working in any field of expertise. The main aim of this software is to manage information and relationships among them that makes IT the base of any enterprise. It helps to eliminate IT productivity bottlenecks and errors pertaining to it. The paper is divided into three sections. The first section deals with Execute Report workflow component and an overview of what it contains and does. The next section deals with the settings that one has to do to fix up the component to ensure a smooth workflow. The last section illustrates the whole thing with an example by setting up a sample IT Analytics with Symantec workflow applications. It also mentions the pre-requisites required to work the sample applications. The example is simple and easy to follow and explains how it filters the workflow application in the report. It also states the outcome of the report and how it will be reported to the user. The user can configure the report and decide the way how it should reach them. The results can then be used to drive automation and make the workflow smooth.

Provided by: Symantec Topic: Data Management Date Added: Jan 2010 Format: PDF

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