Recursive Partitioning Multicast: A Bandwidth-Efficient Routing for Networks-on-Chip

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Executive Summary

Chip Multi-processor (CMP) architectures have become mainstream for designing processors. With a large number of cores, Networks-on-Chip (NOCs) provide a scalable communication method for CMP architectures. NOCs must be carefully designed to meet constraints of power consumption and area, and provide ultra low latencies. Existing NOCs mostly use Dimension Order Routing (DOR) to determine the route taken by a packet in unicast traffic. However, with the development of diverse applications in CMPs, one-to-many (multicast) and one-to-all (broad-cast) traffic are becoming more common. Current unicast routing cannot support multicast and broadcast traffic efficiently. In this paper, authors propose Recursive Partitioning Multicast (RPM) routing and a detailed multicast worm-hole router design for NOCs.

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