Reducing Server Power Consumption by 20% With Pulsed Air Jet Cooling

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Executive Summary

The fan-driven air cannot satisfy high power electronic cooling requirements due to the growth in power density. The increased air flow needs higher fan speeds that result in elevated noise levels and lessened reliability on fan. These reasons impose the practical limits of fan-driven air cooling for servers and other high power electronics products. This paper discusses the air jet thermal management solution that was developed by Influent. This solution was designed to widen the performance horizon of air cooling for high density electronics products. An Influent air jet system can be retrofitted within an existing server platform that provides additional high accuracy smart cooling of a 16 DIMM array. These Influent air jet systems are designed to consume less than 1/10 of the power that the server's on-board fans require to provide the same DIMM temperature. The system mentioned in this paper is designed to provide smart cooling solutions such as proportional air delivery and load following. It solves the thermal problem in terms of the number of DRAM chips being cooled and the difficulty of delivering of an air jet to each chip while not impending chassis fan flow. This solution can reduce the fan related noise level and also allow related energy reductions in data center facilities. The Influent air jet cooling system has the potential to advance server performance and decrease total server energy consumption by up to 20 percent.

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