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Reinventing Leadership Development: Proactive and Progressive Strategies:

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Executive Summary

In this tough business climate, this ExecBlueprint's authors see manifold opportunity-for those leaders who can not only change with the times, but who are capable of leading the charge. Such leaders, according to Dan Gallagher of Comcast, anticipate tomorrow's marketplace needs, and can reinvent themselves, their people, and their businesses in a true spirit of collaboration so that they, together, stay ahead of the curve. In other words, tomorrow's CEOs will be team players, not the "lone wolves" of today, and their selfless style will drive loyalty as well as performance.

Today, HR has a responsibility to help develop such leaders by introducing innovative programs that are integrated with core business objectives, yet are still capable of shaking things up. One place to start is by scrapping your old lists of competencies and asking: What does it really take to be a leader at our company? Gather feedback from the ground up: conduct surveys, ask leaders, try on new models. Finally, ask: Will this program enable tomorrow's leaders to see the forest for the trees and initiate a plan to protect and grow that forest?

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