Research on Database Security of E-Commerce Based on Hybrid Encryption

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Executive Summary

Security holds great importance in present day e-commerce operations. This paper discusses and throws light on the same aspect. It analyzes the process of user registration and retrieval of password. Further, it explains the problems faced by the traditional e-commerce databases and illustrates the difficulties faced in e-commerce system security when a single encryption technology is used. Symmetrical and asymmetrical encryption is brought in on the basis of the technologies. The paper also puts forward the point of combining these two encryption methods and forming a hybrid encryption. Using these techniques helps in advancement of the e-commerce process and enhances the e-commerce database security as well. E-commerce databases consist of sensitive financial data like transaction records, user account and so on. The security technologies used at present in e-commerce databases are user authentication, Web access control, backup recovery, safety audit, data encryption and more. General database security is assured by these technologies, however security for essential databases is not promised. The article describes encryption technology as an effective database security technology. However an encryption technology that is simple fails to guarantee the network database security. As a result a hybrid encryption technology is essential to create an efficient and secure e-commerce database system. The advantages of both the encryption technologies come into play in the hybrid encryption technology which provides reliability and efficiency to the security. This can also improve the security of further network databases.

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