Resource Allocation Via Linear Programming for Multi-Source, Multi-Relay Wireless Networks

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Executive Summary

In a cooperative wireless network, there may be many potential relays within radio range of a source; similarly, there may be many potential sources seeking to use relays. Allocating these resources is a non-trivial optimization problem. In this paper, fractional cooperation is considered, where each potential relay only allocates a fraction of its resources to relaying. It is shown that linear programming can be used to optimally allocate resources in multi-source, multi-relay networks, where the relays use a Demodulate-and-Forward (DemF) strategy, and where the transmissions are protected by Low-Density Parity-Check (LDPC) codes. Compared with existing optimization schemes, this method is particularly suitable for very large networks with numerous sources and relays. Simulation results are presented to demonstrate the performance of this scheme.

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