Reverse Engineering Utility Functions using Genetic Programming to Detect Anomalous Behavior in Software

Recent studies have shown the promise of using utility functions to detect anomalous behavior in software systems at runtime. However, it remains a challenge for software engineers to hand-craft a utility function that achieves both a high precision (i.e., few false alarms) and a high recall (i.e., few undetected faults). This paper describes a technique that uses genetic programming to automatically evolve a utility function for a specific system, set of resource usage metrics, and precision/recall preference. These metrics are computed using sensor values that monitor a variety of system resources (e.g., memory usage, processor usage, thread count). The technique allows users to specify the relative importance of precision and recall, and builds a utility function to meet those requirements.

Provided by: Drexel University Topic: Data Centers Date Added: Aug 2010 Format: PDF

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