Reversible Data Hiding Based on Two-Level HDWT Coefficient Histograms

In recent years, reversible data hiding has attracted much more attention than before. Reversibility signifies that the original media can be recovered without any loss from the marked media after extracting the embedded message. This paper presents a new method that adopts two-level wavelet transform and exploits the feature of large wavelet coefficient variance to achieve the goal of high capacity with imperceptibility. The method differs from those of previous ones in which the wavelet coefficients histogram not gray-level histogram is manipulated. Besides, clever shifting rules are introduced into histogram to avoid the decimal problem in pixel values after recovery to achieve reversibility. With small alteration of the wavelet coefficients in the embedding process, and therefore low visual distortion is obtained in the marked image.

Provided by: National Defense University Topic: Data Management Date Added: Jan 2011 Format: PDF

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