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Reversing the Requirement for Storage Growth ? IBM Consolidates and Simplifies Tier-2 Storage

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Executive Summary

Technology and innovation have also come to the rescue of the enterprise data center where vir-tually uncontrolled growth in storage requirements have forced the IT staff to supersize every storage array throughout the enterprise, centralized or distributed, in order to be able to handle the needs of the information generation. And make no mistake about it: the data center does need to be rescued! With increased costs for energy, and a limited amount available, the IT budget is being stretched to the limit in order to power and cool a data center containing storage arrays in every available nook and cranny. Floor space is another factor, as the IT staff tries to meet capacity requirements within the confines of an already bulging data center, staving off the impending doom, and millions of dollars in capital investment, for a new data center. The IT staff is always looking for ways to minimize space and power, while at the same time, striving to satisfy performance and capacity requirements.

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