Rewriting the Web With Chickenfoot

The past decade has seen a tremendous growth in the popularity of the World Wide Web and proliferation of various applications on it. This opens up opportunities for customization of user interface. Web applications are accommodative to modifications. This paper proposes a simpler programming system called Chickenfoot for automation and modification of websites without using HTML. When an application moves to the web, it can be customized in several ways. Some of these are automating repetitive operations, transforming the appearance of the website and integrating several websites. The expanse of these possibilities is limited by the fact that present web pages are just raw HTML outside the browser which can be intimidating and complicated. Chickenfoot enables the user to automate and customize web applications in the form of web pages. It does not use the HTML source of a page and hence is a friendly interface. According to the paper, Chickenfoot acts as an extension to the familiar Mozilla Firefox web browser and utilizes the browser's inbuilt JavaScript with new commands to automate web via web pages. Finally, the applications of Chickenfoot which have been discussed in the paper leads to conclude that it shall simplify customization of the web pages.

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