RFID Application in Municipal Solid Waste Management System

Processing and recovery is a key functional element in Municipal Solid Waste Management System (MSWMS). Reuse, recycle and recovery of valuable components of waste stream are given much attention in MSWMS in both developed and developing countries. The main concern of municipalities is the sound management of recyclable materials. Source separation as a best practice for management of trash and recyclable materials is known to every municipalities. Since 1980 many technologies are used in recycling industry. Many municipalities are learning the importance of new technologies in recycling industries, such as Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). This technology has been used widely by many organizations in some industrialized countries. Radio frequency identification is a tagging system for automatic identification of recyclable components of municipal solid waste stream.

Provided by: University of Melbourne Topic: Project Management Date Added: Jan 2009 Format: PDF

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