RFID Trees: A Distributed RFID Tag Storage Infrastructure to Backtrack Hikers in a Forest

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Executive Summary

In this paper, the authors propose embedding RFID tags in trees in a forest to track hikers. Hikers are equipped with RFID readers, which read from and write to tags. Specifically, as a hiker moves through the forest, his/her reader leaves his/her ID and increasing Sequence Numbers (SNs) in tags. This creates a digital trail that allows the hiker to backtrack his/her route. That is, when the hiker decides to leave the forest, he/she scans for tags, following a path of tags with his/her ID and decreasing SNs. During backtracking, if a tag with a valid ID-SN pair is not nearby the current hiker's location, he/she has to wander around until he/she does find such a tag.

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