Rich Interactive Mapping Experience Through Open Source Frameworks and Ajax Data Visualization Techniques

Date Added: Jun 2009
Format: PDF

This study portray an application of new AJAX-style* data visualization system as part of an interactive mapping website in the New York metropolitan region. The website was developed keeping in mind a regional community indicators project which compile and analyze a wide array of demographic and socioeconomic data to understand and monitor progress related to the vitality and resilience of urban regions in the United States. These domains consist of housing, commercial development, population trends, transportation networks, environmental concerns. Such community indicator projects across USA try to find, understand and analyze the inter-relationships of multiple issues over a given geographic area, typically within an urban region or city. As maps can be well-suited for portraying urban development patterns, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) typically are limited to displaying single or bivariate spatial relationships. Additional spatial statistical tools are generally needed to analyze multivariate relationships. New open source web frameworks and AJAX-style data display tools, though not designed specifically for GIS purposes, offer innovative ways of overcoming this challenge. A new online mapping application covering the Long Island region in New York provides an example of how to implement these frameworks and tools. It represents a compelling example of a production-level, customized application that nonetheless is replicable and extensible.