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Role Of Micro Blogging In Search Engine Marketing

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Executive Summary

Micro Blogging is the altered blogging behavior, where small pieces of content are published on the web regularly from your mobile, IM, or through the micro-blogging site. Micro blogging is present in various forms on the web, e.g.; 'delicious', it posts a small note along with a bookmark; 'Flickr', it posts a bit of text along with a photo; Facebook status; or 'Yelp', it adds a review on subjects; all these could be considered as ways to micro blog. '12 seconds', 'Daily Booth', 'Tumblr', 'FriendFeed', 'Posterous' are amongst the premium service provides for micro blogging. Twitter however is the most successful Micro-Blogging provider. The appealing factor of micro-blogging is the short content and minimal commitment.

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