Run-Time Partial Reconfiguration Speed Investigation and Architectural Design Space Exploration

Date Added: Jun 2009
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Run-time Partial Reconfiguration (PR) speed is significant in applications especially when fast IP core switching is required. In this paper, the authors propose to use Direct Memory Access (DMA), Master (MST) burst, and a dedicated Block RAM (BRAM) cache respectively to reduce the reconfiguration time. Based on the Xilinx PR technology and the Internal Configuration Access Port (ICAP) primitive in the FPGA fabric, they discuss multiple design architectures and thoroughly investigate their performance with measurements for different partial bitstream sizes. Compared to the reference OPB HWICAP and XPS HWICAP designs, experimental results show that DMA HWICAP and MST HWICAP reduce the reconfiguration time by one order of magnitude, with little resource consumption overhead.