SaaS Vendor Selection: A Systematic Approach to Selecting a Software-as-a-Service Vendor

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Executive Summary

The moment of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is undoubtedly upon them. The benefits the SaaS approach to software deployment are numerous and compelling, especially for small to mid sized organizations. The ability to have access to powerful technologies, with a minimal financial commitment has opened new vistas of productivity and competition to SMBs. But in spite of its much lauded wonders, the SaaS route is not without its perils. More used to decades old on premise software, most SMBs have little or no experience handling SaaS solutions. The rules for old on premise software analysis and purchase certainly don't apply, as the vendor-customer relationship for SaaS is fundamentally different. In the case of on premise software, the vendor closes the sale, and makes a quick exit.

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