Sales 2.0 - Leveraging Web 2.0 to Sell

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Executive Summary

The Internet is the ultimate disruptive technology. Like telephony, radio, television, and even the printing press, the Internet is dramatically changing nearly every aspect of daily life, both inside businesses and in the daily lives of individuals. Much of this disruption has been both unplanned and unexpected, and nothing more so than the sudden prominence of what's been called Web 2.0: the blogs, wikis and social networking sites where users generate content for consumption by other users.

When it comes to technology, sales professionals are natural pioneers. They were the first in the business world to embrace the cell phone as a day-to-day tool, and have long used the mass media - including the Internet - for lead generation. With each technological revolution, sales professionals have had to learn how to use disruptive technology effectively.

Today, a number of software and services firms have launched software products and services under the banner "Sales 2.0." These solutions promise to reduce the cost of sales, buyer risk, and the time it takes to close a deal. This white paper explains the characteristics of such applications and how they build upon Web 2.0 technology to create a more productive selling environment.

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