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Scale Up: Take Web Application Performance to the Next Level

Learn more Date Added: Aug 2011
Format: PDF

This free Citrix white paper explains how to improve the user experience for your critical web applications while also reducing costs. Read it to learn how Citrix? NetScaler? provides:

  • Application acceleration - through TCP optimization, compression and dynamic content caching
  • Application scalability - through TCP multiplexing, SSL offload and load balancing
  • Application reliability - by dynamically routing traffic around failed or out-of-service servers
  • Application security - by enabling an application firewall and integral SSL VPN and network-layer defenses

You'll also see how NetScaler goes beyond traditional ADCs by:

  • Extending delivery optimization to the data tier to enhance database scalability
  • Providing visibility into applications by showing who is using what services, from where and what response time they are experiencing
More than 2000 enterprises already use NetScaler to take their critical web applications to the next level. Download this white paper to learn how you can do the same.