Data Centers

Scaling the Cloud - Fulcrum MicroSystems and BLADE Network Technologies

Date Added: Aug 2009
Format: PDF

The cloud network developed by Blade Network Technologies, along with Fulcrum Microsystems, provides the right set of features that allow customers to have a full-fledged, new generation virtual data center. This data center includes modern architectural elements such as multi-core servers, server and storage virtualization, fabric convergence and large-scale clustering. In the past, networking gear that was originally designed for interconnecting desktops in the enterprise was also used for connectivity in the data center. Today, that is no longer practical and new fabric solutions have been developed specifically with the demands of the new data center and the highly-scalable cloud in mind. This paper highlights the key virtues that have become requirements in the cloud network and enable its massive scale-out such as clos architecture, low latency, high throughput, lossless fabric qualities, power efficiency, and superior price/performance. Blade's RackSwitch with Fulcrum's FocalPoint 10GbE switch chips embodies all of these key virtues, enabling fabric solution providers to deliver innovative platforms that are the foundation for some of the largest, highest-performance data center fabrics in existence. The paper also details the various features associated with BLADE's RackSwitch G8100 and G8124. These features enable it to provide efficient solutions in terms of power, area and cost effectiveness.