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Scaling the LAMP Stack in a Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Environment

Date Added: Aug 2009
Format: PDF

This paper describes the performance and scaling of the industry-standard LAMP web application stack running in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.4 guests on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.4 host with the KVM hypervisor. The host system was deployed on an HP ProLiant DL370 G6 server equipped with 48 GB of RAM and comprising dual sockets each with a 3.2 GHz Intel Xeon W5580 Nehalem processor with support for hyper-threading technology, totaling 8 cores and 16 hyper-threads. The workload used to exercise the LAMP stack was the open source DVD-Store application. DVD-Store is a complete three tiered e-commerce test application, representing an on-line DVD-Store.