Scanners and Digital Cameras

Date Added: May 2010
Format: PDF

There has been a significant growth in the still-image device market that is inspired by applications including Internet authoring and home publishing, and the accessibility of low-cost, high-resolution color printers. Discussed in this paper are the PC 98 hardware necessities and suggestions for still-image devices including digital cameras and scanners such as sheetfed, flatbed, handheld, and film-scanning devices. PC 98 has a range of design issues including providing better image-resolution quality, integration of new bus standards such as USB and IEEE 1394 into still-image nonessential devices, and incorporation of fast transfer mechanism for non-tethered devices including digital cameras. Execution of push-model behavior is also an important design factor that is kept in mind by PC 98 hardware while designing scanners and digital cameras. In push-model behavior events are triggered based on user-initiated actions at the device such as inserting paper or pushing a button. The color-calibration support across devices is also designed into the devices. This paper also talks about PC 98 hardware' aims to make the device easy to use, connect, and install by reducing the components to be installed such as power supply and add-on cards. It is divided into various sections with one section talking about the basic PC 98 hardware requirements for scanners and digital cameras. The specific power management that is requirements for both the devices are also mentioned here.