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Scheduling for Non-Real Time Applications of ORTS Based on Two-Level Scheduling Scheme

Date Added: Jun 2009
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In an open real-time system, the coexistence of different kinds of real-time and non real-time applications makes the system scheduling mechanism face new requirements and challenges. One two-level scheduling scheme of the open real-time systems was introduced. Through analysis, the authors find that the scheduling strategy for non real-time applications in original two-level scheduling scheme is too simple: it may make real-time applications unschedulable if non real-time applications contain Non-Preemptive Sections (NPS). In order to avoid that, this paper proposes four pointed scheduling rules. Then by integrating the improved scheduling algorithm for non-real-time applications, they can solve problems existing in non real-time applications scheduling. Ultimately, the schedulability of real-time applications and non-real time applications can be guaranteed.