SecureIIS Web Server Protection Guarding Microsoft Web Servers: When Bad Things Happen to Good Web App Servers

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Executive Summary

Off late businesses require an added layer of protection to ensure that their Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) Web Server farms remain running without interruption even if a hacker mounts an attack, or the IIS Server is hit with an indiscriminate worm like CodeRed or Nimda. Further, this solution must be capable of protecting from newly launched attacks, such as the WebDAV buffer overflow vulnerability, should an attacker attempt to utilize an unknown zero-day exploit to compromise an IIS server. Security administrators should consider deploying eEye Digital Security's Enterprise Web Server Protection solution, SecureIIS. In conjunction with eEye's Remote Enterprise Management (REM) Console, SecureIIS allows organizations the centralized data collection and reporting functionality required to keep up with the high speed of today's sophisticated attackers.

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