Securing Physical and Virtual IT Assets Without Hardware Firewalls or VLANs - A New Approach: An Identity-Aware Network Inside the Perimeter

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Executive Summary

For security administrators at large corporations, the growing management complexity of internal firewalls and Virtual LANs (VLANs) presents significant security challenges. The growing reliance on Virtual Machines (VMs) also introduces significant security vulnerabilities. Communication between VMs is fully undetected by traditional hardware firewalls. In addition, when VMs move, they usually change IP addresses, rendering firewalls useless. To meet these challenges, businesses are turning to software-based identity-aware networks. Designed to control user or system access to physical or virtual systems without managing firewalls or VLANs, this security solution is helping organizations protect their critical assets. This white paper examines the challenges of traditional security approaches and reveals many advantages of an identity-aware network.

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