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Security-as-a-Service: Doing More With Less

Learn more Date Added: Apr 2010
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Can you put a price on security? Businesses have taken for granted the fact that they have to invest in security solutions. Traditionally the costs have been in the purchase of software and the cost of managing updates and maintenance. Now, with IT budgets shrinking, businesses are looking to achieve their security goals more efficiently. The software-as-a-service (SaaS) model provides unique ways to manage security needs with less costs and more protection.

Read this white paper to learn more about the benefits of deploying McAfee's software-as-a-service model for your security needs. Not only will you lower per-user costs, you'll free up time to focus on more strategic needs for your business.

-Significantly reduce the total cost of ownership for your security solution while increasing your return on investment (ROI)
-Unburden IT resources and free up time to work on other projects
-Lower upfront and day to day costs
-Customize a solution for your unique security needs