Data Management

Selecting the Right Cable for the Network

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Executive Summary

This paper delves on ideas that one can use to decrease use of fossil while in indirect ways. Ideas of this paper have evolved from the need that individuals and power utilities are pressurized with to decrease consumption of fossil fuels. The indirect methods of decreasing consumption of fossil fuels also lead to controlling the rapidly-increasing costs associated with fuels. While there is ample literature to suggest how one can down on the direct fuel consumption, there are few that recommend indirect ways of doing that. The paper goes into this unknown territory by suggesting how one can reduce consumption by selecting the right size underground cables for the network. Lesser fossil fuels are consumed when the transmission/distribution losses can be reduced by up to 25%. This eventually amounts to a reduction of 1% in fuel consumption to generate electricity. The paper suggests that underground cables are not only required to be designed and installed properly, they should also involve appropriate maintenance procedure and practice. Such maintenance should be done periodically to increase the life of the cable and asset. The paper suggests decreasing consumption of fuel to cut down fuel bills, to lessen man-made effects on global warming and to reduce consumption of oil. The paper tries to understand the economics of oil, electricity and other natural resources.

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