Semantic XML Filtering Technique of Multiple XPath Queries Using NFA Representation

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Executive Summary

Now-a-days, XML data filtering methods are applied in most web applications. The various filtering mechanisms have been developed for XML data such as XFilter, YFilter, AFilter and TwigX-Guide. In this paper, the authors develop a new XML filtering mechanism which is based on ontology to get semantic information. In their proposed system, the user profiles of XPath queries which include value-based predicates are transformed into a single NFA (Non-deterministic Finite Automaton) based model. On the other hand, incoming XML document is parsed by SAX parser. After that, the user profiles of XPath queries are matched with the incoming XML documents. In addition, OWL ontology is added to the proposed system. Therefore, proposed method intends to provide not only exact matched information but also semantic matched information.

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