Single Carrier Equalization in Fading Domain Using SCFDMA & LTI Channel Domain

In Wireless system transmission of Signal is done through mobile & broadband system. Multipath carrier transmission shows the projection to struggle doubly selective factor but for that the authors will use concept of single carrier transmission & design a receiver for that purpose. They try to propose a structure of equalizer in fading domain basically based on frequency domain decision feedback which could be used SC-FDMA systems for the multiple users. Some particular parameters of the equalizer are analyzed. An Altamonte-like scheme for combining space-time block-coding with single-carrier equalization in fading domain. With two transmit antennas, the scheme is analyze to achieve significant diversity gains at low complexity over frequency-selective fading channels.

Provided by: International Journal of Computer Science and Management Studies Topic: Mobility Date Added: May 2011 Format: PDF

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