Smart Card Library

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Executive Summary

Smart cards are one of the most exciting and promising emerging technology in the field of automated identification. Compared to conventional data transmission devices such as magnetic-stripe cards, smart cards offer enhanced security, convenience and economic benefits. They are highly configurable to suit individual needs. But the ultimate utility of smart cards lies in the functions they carry out-for example, payment process, identification, network computing, health care management, benefits distribution and so on. Smart card technologies are quickly proving to be the killer applications for the networked economy with billions of smart cards being issued annually. This paper discusses various options for deployment of the smart cards, in enterprise applications for access management and identification purposes currently the development of these systems is not a simple process and requires enormous processing of data from the applications in addition to the implementation of business logic. A new layer called Smart Card Library, which makes the interfacing of applications with the smart cards easier. It can be used with any kind of application and with different data exchange protocol. There are several other advantages of smart card library like it is simple to use which makes the programming of smart card applications simpler. The Programmer need not remember constants for each field. He needs to know have basic understanding of the arguments.

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