Smart Decision-Making in the New Era of Financial Challenges: How Monte Carlo Modeling Can Help Manage Risk, Improve Forecasting, and Drive Growth in Turbulent Times

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Executive Summary

People, businesses and nations seem fated to view much of their financial history in terms of "If only." When it comes to finances, fair warning is literally worth its weight in gold. But such foresight is valuable only when there are the will, the means, and the capability to apply it. Today, the consequences of profound financial and monetary miscalculations continue to mount. The challenges are to regain confidence and achieve clarity on alternatives so one can move into recovery and address the damage to infrastructure and individual companies. Today, one confronts a more challenging landscape than one has faced in recent memory. For myriad reasons, traditional planning did not serve one well. Managers face new levels of accountability and keen public scrutiny in their decision-making.

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