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Smart Positioning with Fastrax Software GPS Receiver

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Executive Summary

Global Positioning System (GPS) provides satellite signals that enable GPS receivers to calculate their position, velocity and time. Target software GPS end-user applications include cameras, smart phones, personal navigation devices and laptops. This paper discusses the introduction of a new software GPS product, called Fastrax Software GPS receiver, enabling more cost-effective GPS applications. The software provides enhanced tracking and positioning capabilities including short TTFFs (Time To First Fix) and high sensitivity. It is based on the highly successful iSuite3 embedded software architecture used in theFastrax IT03-Series (iTrax03) and Fastrax IT130-Series (iTrax130) of GPS receivers. Its small CPU and memory usage has made the software GPS a feasible alternative for also less powerful processor platforms. The software has shown flexibility and portability too. In Fastrax's receiver the architecture has been heavily optimized and is configurable to obtain the best performance on different platforms. Its Accelerated Software GPS reduces the CPU load by performing the correlation process on hardware. In contrast to a classic GPS receiver, a software GPS receiver accomplishes all digital signals processing on the host processor rather than on a separate baseband IC. As much as possible of the usual hardware functionality on the baseband IC can be implemented in software on the host processor eliminating the need for a baseband IC altogether leading to cost reductions.

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