Social Enterprise

Social Media: Extending & Growing Your Brand

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Social media communities are a global phenomenon occurring in all markets and almost all industries. Utilizing a social medium correctly and effectively offers a significant opportunity for show management organizations. An impactful social media plan should always include a listening strategy. There are several social media listening tools like Google alerts, Twendz, Technorati and Lexicon. Companies can observe how much the key word is being discussed on Twitter and Facebook, as well as monitoring rising links and top blogs. A scalable, trending social media program will help show management companies serve their current and prospective exhibitors and attendees as never before. Pre, during and post event awareness via social media, such as an on-site Twitter wall, photo sharing, discussion boards through Facebook and LinkedIn, as well as blogging, all allow relevant content and news to be communicated in real-time. This will build an engaged online community and one that will lead to a more stable membership base. Recognizing what types of online communities will best serve target customers is critical. It is beneficial to create multiple mechanisms for customers to interact like surveys, voting, guest posts, and comments. Online communities allow the power to be shifted to the customer. It all helps attract new members. But ensure that a social media policy to protect your organization and promote business is incorporated.