Software Design Simulation for Quick and Qualitative Application Development

Date Added: Sep 2009
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Software design simulation is a quick solution to qualitative application development. As one knows, the prime objective of every software development organization is to reach the stage of quick and qualitative software development. The paper presents a new approach to achieve this stage. This approach stores the design document in the form of Design Markup Language (DGML) text. For specified requirements, the model applies the search mechanism on the stored design documents and work to find a new solution by reusing the existing ones. This helps to speed up the development process and also ensure good quality. The search mechanism simulation algorithm adopted by this model makes use of the design rank approach. This in turn specifies the quality of a design. The software development lifecycle consist of different phases. After the analysis phase is over, the next phase requires developer to represent the requirements in the form of design solution figures, like flowcharts, DFDs etc. This is done with the aim to get familiarity about the process flow. Then, the simulation is carried out on the requirement specification document of ten different projects. With design reusability approach, developers can save up to33% of the design efforts to get quick and efficient results.