Solve the spam problem: Independent test report proves new approach achieves 99.997% spam catch rate

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Executive Summary

As the volume of spam continues to rise and the sophistication of spammers increases, e-mail security persists as a leading concern for corporations and service providers. The effectiveness of conventional spam filtering technologies is limited and cannot keep up with the latest and evolving attacks of spammers. What is needed is advanced technologies that can defeat spam reliably, minimize the number of false positives, not be rendered obsolete by new spammer techniques, and be deployed and managed inexpensively. By measuring real-world performance and using realistic e-mail traffic patterns, the Tolly Group measured and tested the effectiveness of Abaca Technology Corporation's Email Protection Gateway (EPG) showing that 99.997% of inbound spam is eliminated.

Read on to learn more about how Abaca's anti-spam solution:

  • Blocks 99.997% of inbound messages containing spam
  • Demonstrates high effectiveness in guarding against false positives
  • Requires no extra tuning once deployed
  • Offers users a more intelligent, prioritized list of quarantined messages
  • Employs a highly advanced patent-pending technology that precisely and accurately differentiates spam from legitimate messages

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