Solving On-Premise Email Management Challenges With On-Demand Services

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Executive Summary

The growing reliance on email for critical business processes has driven the need for increasingly complex email systems. Data stores have grown rapidly, resulting in backup systems with potentially untenable recovery times. High-availability technology has been incorporated to reduce downtime but can be difficult to manage. Wireless devices have been added for mobile executives who now know instantly whenever there is a system outage. These and many other changes have added unprecedented management complexity to keeping email up and running. For many organizations, the costs and management burdens of ever more sophisticated email continuity and archiving systems is now a serious problem. There are multiple strategies to solving these email management problems, but at a high level these approaches fall into two categories: on-premise solutions and on-demand services. While on-premise solutions have been the norm, there are many challenges that are coming into focus with increasing email volumes and system complexity resulting in the acceptance of on-demand services for solving these needs.

Ten of these challenges and their on-demand solutions are presented below. Also included is an overview of Dell, on-demand Email Management Services (EMSTM) that can uniquely solve these problems.

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