SPARC Enterprise T5120, T5220, T5140, and T5240 Server Architecture: Unleashing the UltraSPARCT2 and UltraSPARC T2 Plus Processors With Innovative Multi-Core Multi-Thread Technology

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Executive Summary

Use of the Web is changing in fundamental ways, driven by Web 2.0 applications and the thousands of people who join the global Internet every day through a proliferation of new interactive devices. The character of applications and services is changing too. Increasingly, users don't need to install anything, upgrade anything, license anything, subscribe to anything, or even buy anything in order to participate and transact. Web users can even interact directly with content, changing it and improving it. Intellectual property is shared, rather than locked away, and the most popular services are available free of charge. Even very small transactions are now encouraged, becoming large in aggregate.

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