Spectral-Efficiency of TDD Multiuser Two-Hop MC-CDMA Systems Employing Egocentric-Altruistic Relay Optimization

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In this paper, the authors investigate the spectral-efficiency of a two-hop cooperative network using Multi-Carrier Code-Division Multiple-Access (MC-CDMA) transmission scheme. The two-hop network constitutes K source users transmitting signals to K destinations with the aid of N relays. Their focus is on the relay optimization, when assuming that the N relays cooperate or do not cooperate with each other. Specifically, in this contribution the Egocentric-Altruistic (E-A) optimization is introduced, which constitutes an E-optimization motivating to suppress the Multi-User Interference (MUI) of the source-relay channels and an A-optimization aiming to pre-mitigate the potential MUI of the relay-destination channels.