Spectrally Efficient Hybrid Multiplexing and Demultiplexing Schemes Toward the Integration of Microwave and Millimeterwave Radio-Over-Fiber Systems in a WDM-PON Infrastructure

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Executive Summary

Hybrid multiplexing and de-multiplexing schemes with the capability to integrate microwave and millimeter-wave frequency radio-over-fiber signals in a Wavelength Division Multiplexed Passive Optical Network (WDM-PON) infrastructure are proposed. The proposed schemes exploit the benefits of a spectrally efficient wavelength-interleaving technique and enhance the performance of optical millimeter-wave signals without employing an additional device. The schemes are demonstrated experimentally with simultaneous transport of 1 Gbit/s baseband, 2.5 GHz microwave, and 37.5 GHz millimeter-wave signals that have the potential to converge last-mile optical and wireless technologies, leading to an integrated dense WDM network in the access and metro domains.

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