Speeding the Search for Off Shore Developers

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How can businesses reduce the risks of offshoring? Is there an easy way to locate developers and evaluate their quality? CEOs are often forced to make difficult outsourcing decisions that will directly affect the future of the company. Time, distance and language barriers also make it difficult to assess the quality of offshore developers. Add geopolitical instability and intellectual property issues. To address these challenges, companies are turning to offshore software development networks. These networks provide rapid access to prequalified developers based on a range of criteria, such as location, programming skills and English language proficiency. As a result, businesses can narrow their focus to a short list of highly qualified vendors and cut months from their ramp up efforts. This paper will examine some of the challenges businesses face when seeking offshore development partners and reveal the many advantages of utilizing offshore software development networks. Smaller software companies are jumping on the offshore bandwagon. The high costs of local programmers, difficulty identifying reputable offshore vendors and problems assessing the quality of those found are major challenges for American software companies. High attrition, rising salaries and an overburdened infrastructure are causing many American companies to examine locations like, such as China, Russia and Brazil. When searching for offshore developers, many businesses have no idea which country to start looking at.