Stability Properties of Network Diversity Multiple Access with Multiple-Antenna Reception and Imperfect Collision Multiplicity Estimation

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In NDMA (Network Diversity Multiple Access), protocol-controlled retransmissions are used to create a virtual MIMO (Multiple-Input Multiple-Output) system, where collisions can be resolved via source separation. By using this retransmission diversity approach for collision resolution, NDMA is the family of random access protocols with the highest potential throughput. However, several issues remain open in the modeling and design of this type of protocol, particularly in terms of dynamic stable performance and backlog delay. This paper partially fills this gap by proposing a Markov model for the study of the dynamic-stable performance of a symmetrical and non-blind NDMA protocol assisted by a multiple-antenna receiver. The model allows for the study of stability aspects in terms of the backlog-user distribution and average backlog delay.