Standards and Interoperability: Thematic Synthesis Report

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Executive Summary

A centralized storage or repositories have come up as a key infrastructure element for the discovery, storage, delivery, management and development of educational content. This has made it important to develop standardized ways of supporting these operations and functions. It has been observed that with each passing day, the list of standards relevant to the use of technology in education is continuously expanding. This makes it difficult to keep up with developments from a number of competing standards and specifications. The large number of specifications is also difficult for people who work on this on a regular basis to handle. What this leads to is a scenario where more efforts are being spent on the interoperability between different standards attempting to solve the same set of issues in comparison to the efforts one puts in solving the original problems these standards were produced for. The fact that large number of people from all major sectors is working to develop repository standards and software, the competing standards and supporting technologies that have emerged are quite varied and impressive too. This keeps many guessing whether current standardization bodies and organizations are in sync with actual user needs. This document takes a look at standards from different user perspectives to get clarity on this issue.

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