Statistical Analysis of a Mobile-to-Mobile Rician Fading Channel Model

Date Added: Mar 2010
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Mobile-to-mobile communication is an important application for intelligent transport systems and mobile ad hoc networks. In these systems, both the transmitter and receiver are in motion, subjecting the signals to Rician fading and different scattering effects. In this paper, the authors present a double-ring with a Line-Of-Sight (LOS) component scattering model and a sum-of-sinusoids simulation method to characterize the mobile-to-mobile Rician fading channel. The developed model can facilitate the physical-layer simulation for mobile ad hoc communication systems. They also derive the autocorrelation function, Level Crossing Rate (LCR), and Average Fade Duration (AFD) of the mobile-to-mobile Rician fading channel and verify the accuracy by simulations.