Statistical Profiling-based Techniques for Effective Power Provisioning in Data Centers

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Executive Summary

This paper presents MiniFlash Crowds (MFC), which is a light-weight profiling service that reveals resource bottlenecks in a Web server infrastructure. MFC uses a set of controlled probes where an increasing number of distributed clients make synchronized requests that exercise specific resources or portions of a remote Web server. In this paper they present the design, implementation and evaluation of a new profiling service that helps operators better understand the ability of their Internet applications to withstand increased request load. Using MFC, an application provider can compare the impact of an increase in database-intensive requests versus an increase in bandwidth-intensive requests. The MFC technique is based on a phased set of simple, controlled probes in which an increasing number of clients distributed across the wide-area Internet make synchronized requests to a remote application server. This paper presented the evaluation of MFC, a light-weight, non-intrusive, wide-area profiling service for revealing resource bottlenecks in a Web server infrastructure. They ran MFC against hundreds of servers of differing grades of popularity and with correspondingly different server infrastructures. These measurements indicate that back-end processing is a key bottleneck for many servers of medium to low popularity and that the access bandwidth is less constrained overall. MFC use for specific sites and using workloads with specific distributions of inter-arrival times.

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