Statistics of Co-Channel Interference in a Field of Poisson and Poisson-Poisson Clustered Interferers

With increasing spatial reuse of radio spectrum, co-channel interference is becoming a dominant noise source and may severely degrade the communication performance of wireless transceivers. In this paper, the authors consider the problem of statistical-physical modeling of co-channel interference from an annular field of Poisson or Poisson-Poisson cluster distributed interferers. Poisson and Poisson-Poisson cluster processes are commonly used to model interferer distributions in large wireless networks without and with interferer clustering, respectively. Further, by considering the interferers distributed over a parametric annular region, they derive interference statistics for finite and infinite-area interference region with and without a guard zone around the receiver.

Provided by: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Topic: Mobility Date Added: Dec 2010 Format: PDF

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